Friday Feature: Getting to Know Addison Kaderli

Friday Feature: Getting to Know Addison Kaderli

CHARLESTON, S.C. - She is our first non-senior feature and the Outside Hitter for the Buccaneer Volleyball team, Addison Kaderli, better known as Addy.

Kaderli finished her sophomore season with a 2016 Big South Volleyball Honorable Mention selection. She was 42nd in the NCAA in total attacks with 42 and ninth in the Big South in kills per set with 2.68. She also led the Bucs with 343 kills on the season.

Beach or mountains? Beach

What is your favorite place in the world? The rooftop of Whole Foods in Austin, Texas.

Favorite professional athlete: J. J. Watt

Most embarrassing memory: Wiping out and losing my shoe when we played South Carolina on the SEC Network my freshman year.

Celebrity crush: Chad Michael Murray

If you were getting into trouble, who is your partner in crime? My friend from home, Brianna.

Are you a morning or night person? Night

What do you miss most about Austin, Texas? The 'Keep Austin Weird" motto and spirit.

What is your favorite thing about Charleston? The Beach

Which beach is your favorite? Folly

Best pre-game meal: I would have a bag of candy if I could, but let's say East Bay

Favorite Color: Pink

Nickname: Addy Kad, Addy Kady, and my coaches used to call me "Barbie"

Secret talents: I can juggle a soccer ball pretty well, drawing and I can do accents and impersonations.

If your teammates had two words to describe you on the court, what would they use? Supportive and goofy

If you had two words to describe yourself off the court, what would you use? Genuine and goofy

Favorite ice-cream flavor: Blue Bell Cookie Two Step

What is your most prized possession? I started my freshman year making these journals where I would keep ticket stubs and such. I make one each semester and by reading it, you know how that semester went for me.

Pre-game rituals: I go off by myself and pray for my team. I'm also on aux so I try and get everyone pumped up.

Who is your biggest cheerleader? My mom. She's the best person I know. She knows I'm playing before I do. She is so thoughtful, kind and compassionate. I hope to be like her or half the woman she is one day.

What is your favorite part of volleyball? The whole hearted competition aspect and having a family.

As the season wraps up, Kaderli says she is looking forward to her senior season. "I want to lay a strong foundation for CSU and the classes to come. I want to leave it better then I found it."

The Buccaneers will travel to Campbell University on Saturday, Nov. 11th to face the Fighting Camels. First serve is set for 4 p.m. Follow live stats at