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  • A Bucky’s Brigade Drawstring bag
  • Official Bucky's Brigade T-Shirt
  • Kid's Club Lanyard
  • Customizable Member Access Badge
  • A free kids meal coupon from Raising Cane's


  • Admission to ALL CSU regular-season home games
  • Invitation to Bucky's Birthday Party
  • Occasional Newsletter with updates on Kid's Club Events


How much does it cost to join?
For only $35 you can enjoy the perks of Bucky's Brigade all year long!

I want to sign up more than one child. Do I get a discount?
Yes! If you're registering more than one child, residing at the same address, it's only $20 per child after the first $35 membership.

How long does the membership last?
Bucky's Brigade runs on an academic cycle. Sign-ups start each July.

When do I receive my t-shirt and goodies?
The first mail out will occur on September 3. If you register after September 3, your benefits will be received by mail in 7-10 business days. 

Why is there an age limit to Bucky's Brigade?
Due to NCAA compliance rules, children over the age of 12 cannot be accepted into Bucky's Brigade or participate in Bucky's Kids Club events.

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